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Our Mission

To ensure that people around the world build their confidence and self esteem so they can reach their greatest potential and fulfill their destiny



It's essential we have positive connections to maintain healthy development



We respect and recognize that each individual is unique



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We make meaning of our life to create a better future



It's our key to success, it raises awareness and productivity

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It connects us with something bigger than our selves and gives a sense of self-identity


What We Do


Are you putting any parts of your life on hold?...why?



Challenge individual or corporate clients to enhance their current skills while acquiring new ones. Through partnership, we will identify objectives and create a plan to reach potential goal.


What does success look like to you?



We will build a positive and healthy relationship to help provide support and guidance for individuals or groups that require social, emotional and academic development. Also, we work to help individuals seek self-awareness.


What do you want to embody?



We provide a warm, social and learning environment. Here you have the opportunity to improve communication skills, gain knowledge and network.
You will leave renewed, motivated and empowered.


Are you fulfilling your purpose?


Motivational Speaking

Speak to Inspire. Speak to Motivate. Speak to Challenge. Speak to Empower.

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Tanae Lawal | Speaker, Coach, Educator


Tanae was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. At a young age, she lost her dad to street violence which caused her to grow up in a single-family home with her mom and 2 younger siblings.

Tanae spent ten years of her life in Baltimore city before she and her family moved to Cambridge, Maryland due to a house fire where they lost everything. Her family moved in with relatives until her mom could afford to live on her own.

This was one of many rough periods in her life; she found herself getting in to fights regularly due to bullying, she had to manage peace in a house with 10 other people and look after her younger siblings while their mom worked.

As Tanae grew older, she began to evolve. Her perspective of life changed, and she found herself growing spiritually. It was then she knew there was a call upon her life and it was for the heart of the people. She would volunteer and take on responsibilities in her church, youth center and community. 

After graduating from Cambridge South Dorchester High school in 2010, she began her college career.

She received her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology in 2014 from University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Princess Anne, Maryland. Since then, she’s been working to empower the youth, young and seasoned adults along with Community Action to help provide services to those in need.


“OMG! She’s like my big sister! She was so


and she could relate to us.”

(14 years old)


“Such a fun and


person. Tanae presented helpful information that I could take home and apply to my daily routine with finding balance between my children, work and myself.”



“It wasn’t what I expected. However, I am so glad I came. Tanae was very open and spoke from the


Definitely made me do a self evaluation. Also, great sense of humor.”


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